China Program

China Program

For several years, Brighter Green has been focused on examining the multifaceted and complex challenges facing China: from global warming to food security and safety, from water and land use to animal welfare.

We began our China program by conducting detailed research and policy analysis on the effects of the growth of industrial animal agriculture in the country and the potential alternatives to its current trajectory. Although climate change is the main entry point to this analysis, the research also explores the impacts of factory farming on natural resources, public health, animal welfare, food security/safety, and human livelihoods. We present the findings of this research in our policy paper Skillful Means: The Challenges of China’s Encounter with Factory Farming.

This research led to What’s For Dinner? (WFD), a half-hour documentary directed by Beijing-based independent filmmaker Jian Yi, which explores the increase in meat consumption and growing industrialization of animal agriculture in China. This documentary film is the first to examine China’s fast-changing food system and ways of eating. Since then, Brighter Green and Jian Yi have developed public-education and policy-related projects to “keep the warmth” (a Chinese expression) that the outreach for What’s For Dinner? has generated. These include: an active WeChat platform; a What’s For Dinner? community screening kit; new short films; participation in the COP21 Paris climate summit; publications in popular and policy media; and the creation of vibrant tools to encourage more plant-based eating.

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