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News at Brighter Green

Brighter Green's film What's For Dinner? to be featured in the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital 3/21/14

Brighter Green's short film What's For Dinner? was recently selected to appear in the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. It appeared on March 19th at 12PM in the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, along with a discussion partnering with the China Environment Forum.

Associate Sangamithra Iyer Publishes eBook 3/5/14

Brighter Green Associate Sangamithra Iyer publishes an eBook entitled The Lines We Draw distributed by Hen Press, the publishing arm of Our Hen House. The book explores the boundaries — physical, biological, and ethical — evolved out of a conversation with the late Dr. Alfred Prince, a hepatitis researcher, about the use of chimpanzees in medical research, and is expanded into a larger discussion about ethics.

Brighter Green Releases New Policy Paper on Industrialized Dairy in Asia 2/20/14

Brighter Green releases their newest policy paper Beyond the Pail: the Emergence of Industrialized Dairy Systems in Asia exploring the trend toward increased dairy consumption and production in Asia and argues that the growth of industrial systems results in severe consequences for the environment, public health, animal welfare, and rural economies. You may access the paper here.

Brighter Green Presents at the Ivy League Vegan Conference 2/7/14

Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald and Associate Sangamithra Iyer present a session entitled "The Global Diet & Sustainability: Multi-country Perspectives" at the Ivy League Vegan Conference at Princeton University. The conference is in its third year and is dedicated to exploring veganism and bioethics.

Brighter Green Documentary What's For Dinner? Launches Chinese Website 1/1/14

Brighter Green documentary What's For Dinner? launches Chinese website. This will increase awareness of the issues raised in What's For Dinner? and allow individuals in China to learn more about the film.

Brighter Green Documentary What's For Dinner? Signs Distribution Deal 12/20/13

Brighter Green documentary What's For Dinner? signs with Icarus Films, a well known
independent film distributor, to help ensure that What's For Dinner? is screened widely.

Brighter Green End-of-Year Newsletter 12/19/13

Take a look at our most recent Brighter Green newsletter where we announce some of our recent accomplishments as well as what we have planned for 2014. You can read the newsletter here.

Executive Director Mia MacDonald on Katerva Awards Panel 12/6/13

Brighter Green Executive Director Mia MacDonald participated on the Food Security Impact panel as a part of the Katerva Awards.

At COP 19, Global Landscapes Forum Calls for Change 11/27/13

COP 19's Global Landscapes Forum, where Brighter Green co-sponsored a side event, released a statement calling for a new approach to tackling climate change, food insecurity, and poverty saying that "fragmentation is our enemy". The statement calls for the need to "work together across landscapes".

Brighter Green Submits Policy Recommendations at Global Landscapes Forum 11/18/13

Brighter Green submits policy recommendations with Global Forest Coalition after the networking panel session "Land, landscapes, livestock, and farms". For more information please read about Brighter Green's involvement in COP 19 here.

Brighter Green in Outreach Magazine at COP 19 11/15/13

Brighter Green publishes an article entitled "Industrial animal agriculture: acknowledging industrial livestock production as a driver of forest loss" in Outreach, a multi-stakeholder magazine on climate change and sustainable development distributed at COP 19. The article is based on a project addressing livestock production as a driver of deforestation between Brighter Green and the Global Forest Coalition.

Brighter Green Cosponsors a Panel at the Global Landscapes Forum at COP 19 11/14/13

Brighter Green is cosponsoring a panel at the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw at COP 19. The forum, with exhibitions and panels, will focus on environmental change and development, linking farming, forestry, and other land uses. Geoffrey Evans from Humane Society International [HSI] will be speaking for Brighter Green, HSI, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. The forum will take place from November 16-17, 2013 in Warsaw.

Brighter Green Produces Policy Document with Human Society International and the World Society for the Protection of Animals 11/11/13

Brighter Green, Humane Society International, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, produced a policy document making a case for why the Conference of Parties (COP 19) should address animal agriculture and the global climate crisis. The document will be distributed at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP 19) in Warsaw, Poland from November 11-22, 2013.

BG and the Global Forest Coalition Expand Biodiversity Laws in Joint Paper 10/28/13

Brighter Green and the Global Forest Coalition expand biodiversity laws on their joint paper: Industrial Agriculture, Livestock Farming, and Climate Change: Global Social, Cultural, Ecological, and Ethical Impacts of an Unsustainable Industry.

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Updates from COP 18, the Climate Conference in Doha

November 30, 2012 10:30am

Xie Zheng, Chinese environmentalist/musician, featured in "What's for Dinner?"

Brighter Green is attending COP 18 in Doha, Qatar. Here is some of the latest news from the conference:

Xie Zheng—Chinese musician, activist, and environmentalist—featured in Brighter Green's documentary What's for Dinner? traveled from Beijing to Doha to speak at our side event at COP18 co-sponsored with Humane Society International and World Society for the Protection of Animals. He has a punishing schedule: only spending two nights in Qatar before heading back to Beijing for several events he has planned for this weekend, including a vegan party on Sunday afternoon. We were really pleased he could come to the climate conference and share his views on farmed animals and climate change in China, as well as the work of his NGO, Don't Eat Friends.

Another big question at COP 18 that is not fully answered: What is equity? Brighter Green uses this concept in its research and policy recommendations on climate change and animal agriculture . But one of the U.S. lead negotiators said he couldn't "sell" equity back in the U.S. and that in his view, the U.S. was contributing to climate change equity by supporting some of the developing country negotiators to attend the COP. Even some, he added, that don't agree with U.S. positions. Does that sound like equity to you? What does in the context of climate change, food security, and animal welfare?

Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) chair and Tanzanian government environmental advisor Richard Muyungi came to our side event at COP18 last night, giving us some time amid a very busy schedule of meetings and drafting sessions (the agriculture text(s) was being hashed out last night). He urged us to make our views known to more delegates, because they are important, which was great. So, from his lips to the delegates' ears. The event went well -- with very good presentations by Geoff Evans of HSI, Sofia Parente of WSPA, Xie Zheng of Don't Eat Friends in Beijing; Mia MacDonald moderated. Here's the invite we shared:

Climate Change & Ensuring Sustainable, Humane, Equitable Food Systems
Views from the North & South

Side Event Room 6

Agriculture can contribute to global warming by releasing GHGs (including methane & nitrous oxide) as well as help slow it by reducing/avoiding emissions. Speakers from North & South address ways to produce food using agricultural practices that are sustainable, humane, equitable & climate-resilient.

Richard Muyungi, Chair, SBSTA (invited; to be confirmed)
Sofia Parente, World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA-International)
Geoffrey Orme-Evans, Humane Society International (HSI)
Xie Zheng, Chinese environmentalist and musician
Moderated by: Mia MacDonald, Brighter Green