Our Work

Our Work

Brighter Green seeks to advance our core commitments to Sustainability, Equity, and Rights through our three program areas:

Food Policy and Equity:

Brighter Green is examining the environmental, political, economic, and social consequences of our food choices, and how an increasingly industrialized, corporatized, and globalized food and agricultural system is affecting the climate, food security, public health, animal welfare, and resource allocation in countries around the world. Brighter Green’s work encompasses fostering dialogue and encouraging adoption of public policies and practices that support equitable, sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability and Community: 

Brighter Green is initiating and supporting work that aims to promote an empowered civil society, democracy, human rights, environmental conservation, sustainable development, and equity in the global South. These initiatives are being carried out with a number of NGOs, community-based organizations, and individual leaders.

Climate Change, Livelihoods, and Rights:

Brighter Green is engaged in a number of projects that seek to empower individuals and groups to create paths to sustainable development that mitigate the effects of climate change as rising sea levels, warming oceans, drought, and erratic weather challenge traditional livelihoods. Our work extends from local communities to the global policy arena.