Outreach & Networking

Outreach & Networking

Tours and Speaking Engagements

Brighter Green has partnered with colleagues to help organize tours and speaking engagements throughout China. The most recent speaking tour is with the associate vice president of Yale Hospitality, who will tour China to introduce Yale’s dining policy, vision, and strategy, and encourage Chinese universities to make commitments to serve “greener food.” Click here to learn more.


WeChat is a very active social media service in China. We hold monthly live WeChat “chats” (in English and Chinese) with experts and advocates from different countries and with varying perspectives. The WeChat platform has grown quickly and now has more than 3,000 regular user/subscribers.


We recently made shirts for our WFD China team! Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou was able to bring them over when she traveled to Beijing for the 5th ChinaFit Convention and Trade Show. The shirts are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials and eco-friendly inks.