Mangroves I’ve Known

Many years ago, I spent time in the south of India documenting the work of a local activist trying to protect and restore mangroves. She worked by mobilizing communities’small-scale fishermen (and the women who take the fish to… Read More

Just Warming

In getting ready to watch some of the Live Earth events, I began to wonder: will the global concert series make clear that even though, as I’ve heard organizers say, “everyone” will be affected by climate change, some… Read More

Not Melting, but Flying

Ambivilance is how I greeted the news that Air Greenland will soon start direct flights between the U.S. and Greenland. The Greenland ice shelf, which covers nearly all of the country, apart from a thin strip around the… Read More

Jaguars, Burning Bright

Recently, I’ve been thinking about jaguars, three in particular. One is on my wall, his or her face slightly hidden behind a tree branch in the Belize Zoo, or at least that’s where I think it was taken…. Read More