Farm Bill: Fate Uncertain, Uncommon Media Interest

Before leaving for their August recess, the House of Representatives passed a farm bill. The Senate takes up the legislation when it returns in September. To most people engaged in the debate about the substance and priorities of… Read More

Making the Links: NY Times Coverage

Recently, the New York Times published two important editorials (the unsigned pieces that members of the editorial board write). The first expressed dismay about the lack of real change in the current farm bill draft voted out of… Read More

Cows and the Climate: the View from There

At the end of March, I got an on-the-ground view of the impacts of climate change. The scene wasn’t pretty. I found myself in a pick-up truck driving into the Rift Valley about an hour outside Nairobi. In… Read More

Ferrets, Footloose

A few years ago, I was in Wyoming and late one evening, the group of us, organized by Keystone Conservation, based in Bozeman, MT, joined a few wildlife biologists for a night of “spotlighting.” No, not some arcane… Read More

The Bags Among Us

We see them everywhere, are offered them everywhere (sometimes double-bagged), but until now I didn’t know the true scale of the plastic bag plague: according to National Geographic, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, of which… Read More

Elephants Freed, Now What?

Even in fast-globalizing India, some long-standing values have their place. A recent decision by state authorities banning working elephants from Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay and India’s commercial capital) attests to this. City life, the authorities said, was… Read More