Global Warming and Gender Equity

On Monday, the United Nations convened a High Level panel on climate change in advance of the opening of the General Assembly session this week. On the same day, a group of women and men — some “high… Read More

That 11th Hour and Another

Recently I saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco call to action, the documentary The 11th Hour. I found myself intrigued and illuminated, frustrated and ultimately unsatisfied. But I’d still recommend seeing the film (in theaters, if you still can, or… Read More

Farm Aid in NYC: September 9th

That New York City has a lot of eaters — informed, passionate, concerned eaters — is one of the reasons the annual Farm Aid concert in support of America’s small family farmers is being held at Randalls Island… Read More

Congo Gorillas: Possibly in Firing Line

Sad news from Central Africa, for its wildlife and people. Civil strife has broken out again in Congo, even though the civil war has formally ended and mostly free and fair elections were held earlier this year. Rebels… Read More