Mercer and Meat

Not long ago, I heard a curious song penned by American standards wordsmith and singer Johnny Mercer. It’s called “Save the Bones for Henry Jones” and it seems to immortalize an omnivore-pescetarian-flexitarian-locavore-possible vegetarian. Not the usual subject of… Read More

Meat Miasma

The USDA has just announced the largest beef recall in U.S. history: 143 million pounds from a California slaughterhouse. A Humane Society of the U.S. undercover investigator documented egregious abuses of non-ambulatory or “down” cows here. Cows were… Read More

Message on a (Big) Platter

News about food’and its consequences’has been coming fast and furious. The World Food Program warns that demand for biofuels and meat is pushing up food prices, threatening more people in the global south with acute hunger. (See previous… Read More

O, Kenya 2.0

Last Friday, Kenyans were glued to their radios or TVs, waiting to hear news of a brokered solution to the election crisis that has consumed and unsettled the country since late December. With more than 1,000 people officially… Read More

Avoided …More Plastic Tales

For nearly a year, I’ve been waging a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in my local, independent health food store. It’s pretty low-level — nothing like the Super, Duper Tuesday contests. But like the presidential… Read More