Animals and War: Further Dispatches

More news from the frontlines about the toll of war on other animals. In a recent article, Newsweek calls endangered species the “new conflict diamonds.” Trade in ivory and wildlife, poached mainly in Africa and shipped mostly to… Read More

On the Frontlines

Animals and war may sound like a strange pairing: while we know from Jane Goodall’s research that chimpanzee groups do in fact go to “war” with each other, armed conflict is a distinctly human activity. Yet given our… Read More

Disappearing Climates

“There used to be monkeys here,” my guide, an American who’d lived in Costa Rica for years, told me as we walked through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. “There used to be quetzals, too,” he added, of the… Read More

Kenya 3.0: Finally, a Semblance of Peace

Finally, after two months of tumult, and more than 40 days of mediation by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Kenya’s two rivals for the presidency have signed a peace deal. They’ll share power in a coalition government, with… Read More