In a recent editorial, the New York Times mused on a world where meat is grown in vitro in a lab. While acknowleding their “disgust” at the methods used by the modern meat industry in the U.S., the… Read More

A Warming World….in Manhattan

Climate change means erratic weather, melting polar ice caps, rising seas and more intense hurricanes, droughts and floods. Green energy means lower greenhouse gas emissions and more trees left standing to combat desertification, reduce soil erosion, and offset… Read More

Just in Time…

For Earth Day, author-activist Anna Lappe has launched a great new Website on the intersections between food and climate change, Take a Bite out of Climate Change. It’s chock-a-block with facts, ideas for action — including how and… Read More

New Food Lexicon: What’s in a Term?

Some new terms have been making their way into the increasingly intense debate about rising global food prices, their causes, and what on Earth to do about it. Yesterday, UNESCO released a report, four years in the making… Read More

Food Fever

Flash points over food are getting more common. In the last week or so, protests over food prices and availability have roiled Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Indonesia, Egypt and now Haiti, where already several people have died. Peaceful marchers… Read More