Something’s, Well, Fishy

Sometimes people say the strangest things…the International Whaling Commission meeting yesterday rejected Greenland’s request to hunt 10 humpback whales. The IWC judged the hunt not essential for Greenland’s indigenous population and too commercial to qualify as subsistence whaling…. Read More

Rustling in the Rainforest

Earlier this week, the Brazilian government

World Environment Day

Yes, it’s the annual celebration of World Environment Day. Even though the occasion usually draws a yawn, if that, in most of the U.S. and Europe, it is celebrated enthusiastically in other parts of the world. “Kick the… Read More

Food Matters…Again

In Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has convened a summit to deal with the world’s growing food crisis, which threatens — through high prices and flagging production — to push another 100 million people into the… Read More

Billion Bag Ban

On June 1st, China imposed a national ban on ultra-thin plastic bags, the kind we all get — or have — at supermarkets, drug stores and even, sometimes, at fruit or vegetable stands. From yesterday, shoppers in China… Read More