Amazon Update

In August, the Amazon forest was being cleared at nearly twice the level of July, according to the Brazilian government. That’s a 228 percent increase over a year ago. The government, chagrined, says local elected officials are letting… Read More

Green for All – September 27th

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at a Grantmakers without Borders conference in San Francisco on which the estimable Van Jones was a speaker. As many will know, Van is a visionary,… Read More

Taking the Climate (and Forests) to Lunch

Forests are getting more attention in the global discussion of climate change, and how to address it. They should. Intact tropical forests are, despite decades of campaigning on their behalf, still being cleared at alarming rates in the… Read More

Istanbul, Not Constantinople

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk writes eloquently (as only he can) about the “huzun” or melancholy that afflicts the city in which he’s lived just about all of his life, Istanbul. I’m just recently back from there and while… Read More

Meat Heat

So far September’s been a pretty good month for shedding some light on the connections between meat and global warming. First, Brighter Green’s policy paper on China and factory farming has gotten a good reception. Fall forward. More… Read More