China, Rights, Land and Milk

China’s government has announced a major new land reform policy. Land-holders, including millions of small-scale farmers, will now be able to access markets where they can swap, lease or exchange land usage rights. Some observers say this will… Read More

Congo Conflagration – Again

New and intense fighting between the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and rebels has engulfed the eastern part of the country, again. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes, some for the second… Read More

World Food Day

It’s World Food Day and the focus this year is on food security within the context of soaring world food prices. To mark the occasion, here’s a short report on a food and community conference I attended recently…. Read More

Oprah on Animals and Food

Wow: the conventional wisdom is that any topic Oprah Winfrey’s multi-media empire is covering has made it to the big time: to a huge number of American living rooms, waiting rooms, and other rooms, and to millions more… Read More

Two Views from Kenya

Not long after Brighter Green’s paper on China and factory farming was completed, I was in Kenya, from which I offer this news and view. Kenya does have some intensive poultry facilities, mostly to supply the growing number… Read More

Denaturing, the Fiscal Crisis and Nature’s Rights

OK, so you think $700 billion is a lot to stem (rescue or bailout) the financial crisis, an infusion of cash that may not even stop the stock slide. How about $2 to $5 trillion. No, that’s not… Read More

Post post debate

Well, the pundits and analysts and partisans and more than a few hacks have weighed in on the Biden vs. Palin debate. But what I’ve heard less about is what we didn’t hear issue-wise. Not only in the… Read More


No, I’m not attempting to provide pre-debate punditry on the likely outcome of the Palin-Biden VP-wanna be match-up on October 2nd. What I am doing, though, is observing an interesting strain in the Palin coverage: recognition by the… Read More