They’re Coming…and Going

Climate migrants, that is. Driven by the actual or anticipated effects of global warming; rising sea levels, persistent drought or floods, water scarcity, fears of social unrest. A few years ago, the conventional wisdom was that most “environmental… Read More

Trees, Forests, and Carbon Capture

A recent New York Times article focused on a new theory in forest protection and climate change. Perhaps old-growth, intact, indigenous forests don’t need to be saved, because forests in many parts of the world are reclaiming former… Read More

Kibera Kale

While the local food movement is growing in the U.S., Europe and even Japan (where Community Supported Agriculture – CSA – was invented), we don’t hear much about similar movements in southern regions of the world. Sometimes it… Read More

Nothing Fey About This

Tina Fey isn’t the only dark-haired actress-comedian Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a bone to pick with. She’s angry now at Ashley Judd for appearing in a Defenders of Wildlife advertisement lambasting Alaska’s “predator control” policies for the… Read More

It is the State of the World

Hot off the presses (pun intended) is the Worldwatch Institute’s essential annual State of the World report, this year focusing on the realities, rigors, and exigencies of climate change. Chapters address issues like energy, food, what it will… Read More