Seal Reprieve

Breaking news from Russia: it’s banned the hunt of baby seals — so-called “white coats” — and plans to extend the ban to all seals under a year old. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke out in favor of… Read More

Food and Sovereignty: Ructions

Food and power. The situation in Madagascar caused me to reflect on this more deeply: the elected president has been driven from office (officially he resigned) in favor of a young politician supported by the military. The new… Read More

Gorilla Year

The year 2009 has been declared the Year of the Gorilla to focus attention on the threats to the small remaining populations in central Africa as well as to celebrate and honor them. In eastern Congo where several… Read More

To a Green Thought in a (Recession) Green Shade

As global financial woes dominate the news, and the recession defines more and more people’s lives, is there a “green” lining to the economic meltdown? Many activists, scholars and even government officials are conceding that instead of rebuilding… Read More

Madagascar 2 and 2.0

Madagascar, the island nation off the east coast of Africa, is convulsing. Two political rivals, the former mayor of the capital, and the current president, are struggling for power. The former mayor accuses the president of being an… Read More

Friday Night Climate

Who knew that global warming, gender, and population could be cool (pun semi-intended)? Last Friday night, Brighter Green co-sponsored a panel discussion on these very topics. Sure, the speakers, June Zeitlin, formerly of the Women’s Environment and Development… Read More

Trees, Not Arms

Nobel peace laureate and Brighter Green colleague Wangari Maathai is a consistent out-of-the box thinker (and doer). She had another terrific idea last week at an event focused on the UN Environment Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign, of which… Read More