Swine Flu…and a Songbird

As swine flu is discovered in more and more countries, and as the human death toll in Mexico mounts, some people are reacting by avoiding pork. Not a bad thing, but not an effective way to stem the… Read More

Afghanistan, Now and Then

Earth Day reaches far, particularly when Americans are around. Indeed, on April 22, Afghanistan declared its first national park, Band-e-Amir, spanning six mountain-fed lakes in the country’s central highlands. The designation of the park is provisional, pending Parliamentary… Read More

It’s Earth Day, Look North

More than 400 representatives of the world’s indigenous peoples are meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, to share their experiences of climate change and their knowledge of ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming’s myriad impacts. They’ll also be… Read More

Australia – Dry and Drier

Like most film critics, I was pretty underwhelmed by Australia, the movie. It wasn’t just that Nicole Kidman’s forehead doesn’t move much (although she did give a good performance – I’m of the view that she really can… Read More

China: Unprecedented

China continues to astonish. In 2008, the country became the largest pork importer in history (one wonders who it is who’s kept a historical record of pork imports over the centuries). Unprecedented is how the levels were described:… Read More

Holy Cow!

The role of cows in climate change is getting some more attention– their digestive systems and methane emissions, that is. An article in Time details India’s nearly 300 million cows’ contribution to global warming. A new study, the… Read More

Low Carbon Common Sense

A bracingly rare article: an environmental case for not eating meat in a mainstream environmental publication. It’s titled “The Low Carbon Diet” and it’s in the current issue of Audubon, the magazine of the National Audubon Society, and… Read More

Fast and Furious

The news about climate change and global food production, that is. Recent studies suggest that unprecedented heat, erratic weather and surging human populations will put intense pressure on food supplies. This will make necessary vast increases in agricultural… Read More

Not Enough Heat

As news of the just-concluded G-20 summit in London and U.S. President Obama’s tour of Europe continue to dominate headlines, I came across this intriguing story of international cooperation — and half measures. (Some observers of, and participants,… Read More