Of Foodprints and Climate – Local Response to Global Problem

So, what’s a foodprint? And what’s its significance today? New York City foodprint resolution introduced today, June 30th. See news item for details on Wednesday, July 1st press conference at New York City Hall. Foodprint (n): our food… Read More

Climate Movers

It’s no longer novel to posit that human beings and other species are migrating faster further due to climate change. Another new report makes this case and marshals the global data. But what does this look like on… Read More

Pandemic Confirmed

The World Health Organization has declared swine flu a global pandemic, given its geographic scope and the fact that it appears to be unstoppable. The flu has been reported in 74 countries…and counting (13,000 reported cases in the… Read More

Mixed Salad

It’s not all greens. But there have been several interesting, important and yes, readable, articles and reports published recently on food – security and sustainability – that I wanted to note a few here. Since they’re tossed together,… Read More

A New Africa

For what seems like decades now, scholars, editorial writers, celebrities and anti-poverty campaigners have been talking about the New Africa. It’s here, they’ve said. Or it’s on the horizon. It needs midwifing. It’s delayed. It’s breached. It’s a… Read More

Green Fuels and Follies

First the surprising but very good news: according to the United Nations, global investment in green energy has, for the first time, surpassed investment in gas and coal. Here’s how the numbers come out: $140 billion for wind,… Read More