Chinese Climate Pledges Come Amid Global Fossil Fuel Purchases

Last week’s UN climate change conference provided world leaders with the opportunity to lay out their countries’ visions for a climate-friendly future. When Chinese President Hu Jintao took the stage, he pledged that “China will further integrate our… Read More

Climate Wake Up Call: Answered, or Not?

Will world leaders agree on a plan to address global climate change? The question doesn’t yet have an answer. This week at the United Nations, Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai delivered a message to the heads of state… Read More

First Lady Champions Local Produce; Administration Pushes Poultry

First Lady Michelle Obama attended the opening of her neighborhood farmers market Friday. Foodies, locavores, and social justice activists have found an ally in Mrs. Obama, who, from the planting of the White House’s first vegetable garden to… Read More

Brain to Brain

Africa, according to Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina, speaking at a recent literary event, is usually seen in the West as a “headless beast that needs to be spoken at.” In the Obama era, Wainaina said he was hopeful… Read More

A Vegan Lifestyle

I couldn’t help thinking about the promotion of vegetarianism, instead of veganism, when I met L., my former landlady in Boston and a long-time vegetarian. I used to think of vegetarianism diet-wise as eating mostly vegetables, fruits, and… Read More

In Search of Sacred Cows

A truckload of cows arrived at the Gopal Gausadan shortly after we did. The gausadan (cow house) is one of the large government funded gaushalas (cow shelters) surrounding India’s capital, New Delhi. It houses roughly 2500 cows. The… Read More

Along the Pearl River: Manufacturing, a Multi-Course Meal, and a Meta Narrative

The “Meat World: China” crew wrapped up the film’s three-week shoot in Guangdong province in southern China. They toured a computer parts factory and interviewed the chef in the industrial city of Dongguan, on the Pearl River. Then… Read More

Guangdong: Pigs, Pollution, and Politics

Three weeks of filming in China and just over three weeks of blogging….The last stop for the “Meat World: China” documentary team is Guangdong province in the far south of the country. It’s here that industry and animal… Read More

40 Billion and Counting (Back, That Is)

How did the world’sbag habit get so outsized? Just about a year and a half ago, the Chinese government decided to end, or seriously discourage, the use of thin plastic bags. You know the kind. You hardly get… Read More