Sweden’s Bold Move

As I sat under a tent handing out Romaine lettuce seeds on Saturday for 350.org’s ‘International Day of Climate Action,’ a couple of people who stopped by our table – lured no doubt by Whitney’s eye-catching posters on… Read More

Re 350: How Hot is Your Meal?

Just in time for 350.org’s International Day of Climate Action on October 24th (see what Brighter Green will be up to here), comes a new study on meat–and dairy–and the climate that’s, for lack of a more elegant… Read More

A Bright Green Line

Here at Brighter Green, the walk we walk isn’t always on the straight and narrow and isn’t often as high wire as Philip Petit, but for the most part it’s pretty green. Case in point: the specs for… Read More

Lessons to Learn from India’s Embrace of Industrial Agriculture

A spate of recent articles detail India’s ongoing struggle with hunger.¬†Though the entry points vary, from how this year’s crop failures, attributed to climate change and increasingly erratic rainfall, are resulting in famine, to how India continues to… Read More

Breakthrough in Technology Worsens Milk Glut

Back in the days when credit flowed too freely, milk farmers throughout the U.S. took advantage of the situation and bought more heifers. Global demand for milk was soaring, and the world’s appetite for dairy in the form… Read More

My First Nutrition Class

On a cozy Friday afternoon of the first week at the School of Public Health, I was sitting in my food science and technology class waiting anxiously to be sparked. Indeed I was, by how the professor opened… Read More

Not a Shark Attack

A shark asylum. That’s how I first heard the nation of Palau’s move to ban all shark fishing in its South Pacific waters described. This means that any shark making its way to the waters off the coasts… Read More

Food and Climate Change: The Meat of the Matter

Mia MacDonald, Executive Director of Brighter Green, describes the effects of intensive animal agriculture on climate change and fossil fuel use in a powerpoint lecture at New York University, convened during Climate Week NYC, September 25, 2009. Part… Read More