East African Young Women Attend a Weekend Rights-Training Workshop

As part of Brighter Green’s collaborative Young Women’s Education, Leadership and Rights Training Initiative, partner organization SIMOO has hosted a weekend workshop for a group of 30 young Maasai women, among them our ten program participants. This initiative… Read More

Getting Personal with Food Choices

In a recent Washington Post op-ed James E. McWilliam discusses the reaction that he received while giving a talk in Texas on the environmental benefits of eating a vegetarian diet. He writes that “the only applause came during… Read More

UN Climate Conference 2009: Progress is Bumpy

Is the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen over before it has even begun? President Barack Obama seems to think so. On Sunday, Obama and other world leaders’including Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark and chair of… Read More

How Food Ads Mislead Us

How do people learn about our food these days? For most Chinese, especially those who grew up in the cities or who never actually farmed, the answer is probably: from the food that’s on our plates, and from… Read More

Elephants Can Remember

Bad news for elephants from Africa: illegal killing is up and the ivory trade is increasingly being run by well-organized gangs. Seizures of illegal ivory doubled between 2008 and 2009. Key areas of elephant poaching are in west… Read More

Herbivore’s Dilemma? Is There One?

In a widely-chewed over oped that ran in the New York Times recently, environmental lawyer and rancher Nicolette Hahn Niman (wife of grass-fed beef entrepreneur Bill) offered a defense of “free range” meat in the service of slowing… Read More

At What Price (Feed)?

The system of mass production works so well in utterly transforming raw materials from what they were into what we choose and use that we don’t see the pesticides in the cotton clothes we wear, the coltan in… Read More