In Copenhagen, Delete Meat?

Much of the debate among government delegations in Copenhagen is about language and specifically, brackets around words. Sometime it’s many words’whole paragraphs’and sometimes it’s just a few. “Brackets” are a kind of holding place. Deleting the brackets means… Read More

The Power of One

Peculiar things heard and seen on the way to and from the climate conference. On the train today, a fellow New Yorker seeking directions I got chatting with asked whether I was Carol Browner, former head of the… Read More

Copenhagen: Gray and Green

It’s still dark in Copenhagen at 8 a.m. and doesn’t really get light, and only then after a fashion, until around 9. At the other end of the day, the wispy clouds of the impending sunset appear on… Read More

In Copenhagen, with a Waiting World

The African group walked out of the climate talks today. There’s a big divide in the negotiations: stick with the Kyoto Protocol until something else is agreed, or drop it in favor of a new deal in which… Read More

I’m Cutting Back on Carbon—It Goes Straight to My Hips.

The nutrition information now posted on menus all over New York has been powerful enough to scare me away from several guilty pleasures, including Starbucks and Chipotle. Even without meat, cheese, or sour cream, a burrito from this… Read More

NYC Food and Climate Summit a Success, But Still, Little Talk of Meat

Thirty-six hours after registration for Just Food’s Food and Climate Summit opened, a thousand people had signed up online and maximum capacity was reached. A wait-list of a thousand more soon formed, and it too was closed shortly… Read More

Copenhagen Calculations ( Not CO2)

Of course, the debate about acceptable levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions rages in Copenhagen at the climate talks, both in and outside the meeting halls. “No Planet B” signs read at the large protest march… Read More

Brighter Green and the Green Belt Movement, in Copenhagen

Happening right now at the Copenhagen climate summit (COP 15)—outside of the negotiating rooms that is—a performance art protest. “Don’t Freeze the Deal” say the signs, surrounded by young people in various states of arrested action. They’re mostly… Read More

China LOHAS Forum

While the climate talks in Copenhagen are underway, the 2nd International LOHAS Forum is taking place in Beijing on December 12th-13th. LOHAS, or “Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability,” is an international movement and growing trend in China to create more… Read More

Pass the Grains, Please

Brighter Green’s latest documentary, “What’s for Dinner?”, questions whether people of the developing world–specifically, China–will be able to consume as much meat and dairy as people of the developed world, without exceeding the carrying capacity of the earth… Read More