Ringing in the Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year celebrations continue. Also known as the Spring Festival, it’s the most important Chinese holiday, for which millions of Chinese travel across their vast country by road, (increasingly fast) rail, boat or plane to reach their… Read More

Greening the Olympic Games

As people around the world watch their favorite athletes skate, ski, sled, and snowboard during the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, how many will consider the ecological footprint of this massive event? Believe it or not, sustainability is… Read More

“What’s For Dinner?” to be Screened at Apple Store, Beijing

“What’s For Dinner?” director Jian Yi will be at the Sanlitun, Beijing Apple Store on February 19th 2010, to showcase his recent films. Jian Yi is among a handful of filmmakers invited to discuss the use of Apple… Read More

Biodiversity’s Dollar Value

Costa Ricans elected their first female President, Laura Chinchilla, last week. This appointment can be added to the long list of Costa Rica’s accolades; the abolition of its standing army, free health care and education for all, its… Read More

Native New Yorkers, the Four-Legged Kind

Is that the neighbor’s dog barking in the apartment upstairs, or should you look out the window for something a little wilder? On Sunday morning, Columbia University Public Safety spotted three coyotes in front of Lewisohn Hall, on… Read More

Fertilizer Futures

Mergers and acquisitions in the global fertilizer industry are on the rise, even as those among steel companies are slowing. Why? And why does it matter? According to Reuters, China’s demand for meat will continue to grow, even… Read More

The Visibility of Vegetarianism: Show me the herbivores!

As climate skeptics become more heavily outnumbered, concerned citizens are trading in their SUVs for hybrid cars, exchanging incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescents, and sorting their garbage into separate piles for recycling, compost, and waste. However, if you… Read More