An Uncertain Future

Eight million animals, mostly goats, have died in recent months in Mongolia, as a particularly frigid winter followed last summer’s severe drought. This natural disaster, referred to as a zud, has devastated Mongolia’s pastoralist population, whose numbers total… Read More

Bullfighting: It’s Bull Alright

The days of gladiator battles and public guillotine executions are in the past, but many cultures still hang on to bloody traditions, such as bullfighting. This ‘sport’ is still practiced in Spain, Portugal, France, and several Latin American… Read More

Cargill in Tune with Nature?

There’s a curious ad in last month’s Atlantic magazine. Courtesy of Cargill, the ad shows a sofa modeled after a field of soy, headlined with “This Sofa Design Coordinates with Everything.  Even Nature.”  The caption underneath boasts of… Read More

Climate Change: Public Health and Human Survival

Based on what I’ve read and what I’ve heard from participants who attended COP-15 in Copenhagen last December, the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights held last week in Cochabamba, Bolivia had a completely… Read More

As Oil Spills Deep Below the Sea, It’s Time for Some Deep Changes

I left Bolivia a week ago today, but I’m finding that hard to believe. It feels like I was there yesterday! In a way, it seems like I’m still there. While this is hard to explain, I think… Read More