Rooftop Gardens in Hangzhou, China

“We can eat these towel gourds from the garden tonight,” says my dad, holding the vegetables in his hand. Three years ago, he frowned at my shift to a vegetarian diet and labeled me as ‘primitive’. But now,… Read More

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Two Months Later

Yesterday was the two-month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. On April 20th, an explosion on a BP-operated oil drilling rig 40-miles off the Gulf Coast left 11 workers dead and an… Read More

Who Will Protect China’s Small Farmers?

China’s hog production practices have shifted greatly over time as the country has transitioned into a market economy. “It was really easy to get a loan in the 1980s,” recalls Mr. Liu, owner of Fu Hang farm, a… Read More

Raising China’s PIgs

“You stand to lose if you’re in the business,” says Mr. Liu, owner of Fu Hang farm, a medium-sized pig farm located in the Northeast part of Zhejiang Province. The farm has twenty sheds with a total of… Read More

Bhopal: An Ongoing Tragedy

This week, India’s Supreme Court convicted eight former executives of Union Carbide India Limited–a subsidiary of the American company Union Carbide, now owned by Dow Chemical Company–of negligence in the Bhopal gas leak, which exposed at least 500,000… Read More

Don’t feed the zoo animals (And please don’t eat them either)

At the Beijing zoo, you can admire the plumage of brazen peacocks, watch hippos play in the water, and observe scaly crocodiles basking in the sun. Then, when you get hungry, you can dine at the zoo’s restaurant… Read More

China’s Pork Explosion

Brighter Green’s Multimedia Analysis: Globalization of Factory Farming documents the spread of Western methods of intensive animal agriculture, as well as the social, environmental and animal welfare consequences of these actions. This video sheds light upon the nation’s… Read More