China’s “Garbage Pig” Problem

In China’s poorer provinces, “garbage pigs” can be seen roaming through dump sites, feeding on leftovers from households and restaurants. This practice has existed in certain parts of China for over 20 years now, usually stemming from small… Read More

Water for All?

Behind closed doors, world leaders are currently debating a draft resolution that recognizes the right to water and sanitation as a basic universal right. For the two billion people living in water-stressed regions, and the three billion with… Read More

Rhino Redress?

After the good news from South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup (unless, of course, your favorite team lost early and badly), comes the opposite. The last female rhino in Kruger National Park has been killed by poachers…. Read More

UN Climate Change Negotiations: Current Realities and the Way Forward

I was recently able to attend an event related to climate change that was held at the Temporary North Lawn Building of the UN. The event was moderated by Shetal Shah of Nord-Sud XXI, and the panel consisted… Read More