From Cochabamba to Pittsburgh, Nature’s Rights Are Taking Hold

The City of Pittsburgh has heeded Evo Morales’s call, recognizing the rights of Mother Nature to combat climate change and environmental degradation. In an unprecedented vote last week, the Pittsburgh City council voted unanimously to ban fracking within… Read More

The Amazon River May Run Through It, Or Not

“Now you just see smoke,” not the sun. That’s an indigenous woman living in Acre, Brazil, describing this year’s Amazon drought, one of the worst in recent decades. Even old growth forest, normally too damp to burn, has… Read More

In Burma, Both Arms Go Up Again

They say when it rains, the locals can hear them sneeze in the forest. We’re talking about a new species of monkey recently ‘discovered’ in Burma. reports: “Myanmar snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus strykeri), was only discovered after researchers… Read More

Putting a Price Tag on Nature

Adopted by the UN in 1966, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights created a framework for self determination, stating that all people have the right to the means of economic production, which can be achieved… Read More

Obama Visits India: Meat, Cheese and Arms on a Platter

It’s Diwali, and this year, President Obama will be celebrating the festival of lights in India. In Delhi, the Bukhara Restaurant is preparing for the American President’s arrival by creating a platter named after him. (Bill Clinton has… Read More

Overfishing of the Pacific: How Long Until the Fish – and Everything Else – is Gone?

After a decade of vegetarianism, moving to Pohnpei (in the Federated States of Micronesia) has transformed my diet. Although I shunned animal flesh of any kind for years and attempted stints of veganism, I’m now eating fish and… Read More