New Year, New Trend? Raising Pigs with Chinese Characteristics

“High-tech TCM green pork” may be one of the new fashions in Chinese agriculture, a marriage between traditional Chinese culture and advanced technology that serves public health and environmental sustainability. The company taking the lead is ZOBO Natural… Read More

A Christmas Culling: Foot and Mouth Disease Spreads in South Korea

The highly contagious and viral foot- and-mouth disease (FMD) has recently been identified in South Korea. The AFP reports: South Korea Monday confirmed three new cases of foot-and-mouth disease, bringing the total to 56 since the country’s worst… Read More

Final Dispatches from Cancun: Conversations and Observations on Food, Agriculture & Climate

Heard, said, and seen at the recently concluded Cancun COP 16 climate summit: 1. “It’s not a choice, it cannot be the future–the way we live. Meat: yes or no? I don’t want to answer that, but do… Read More

Hambre in Cancun

Often there wasn’t enough time to chew in Cancun at the UN climate talks: always another panel discussion to attend (or organize), a bus to board, or a person to catch a few minutes with. “Hambre?” asked a… Read More

Cancun Dialogue(s)

As the Cancun climate talks grind on, it can be harder and harder to see real dialogue taking place. The key negotiators huddle in small groups, hashing out the nuances of language behind closed doors’only rarely seen. NGOs… Read More

Cancun and the Legacy of Lee Kyung Hae

Cancun: September 10, 2003. Korean farmer and activist Lee Kyung Hae commits ritual suicide outside a conference hall housing heads of state who have convened for World Trade Organization talks. Seven years later, global leaders descend once more… Read More

The Sun Rises in the East, Bringing the Benefits of Solar Power with it

Despite doubts about how much will eventually be accomplished in the Cancun Climate talks, a reward for optimism would be welcome, as reports about the consequences of climate change become increasingly dire. Scientists predict a temperature rise of… Read More

Sunrise Rituals to Moon Palace Negotiations: How We Solve the Earth’s Crisis

On Friday morning, shortly after sunrise, a crowd gathered in the center of the crushed limestone field where we had camped the night before at the Klimaforum Ecovillage in Puerto Morelos. The Mayan elders started a sacred fire… Read More

Bring on the Women

After sitting in on one more all male panel at the Cancun climate conference, I couldn’t help but wonder, where are the women? In a side event hosted by the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice and the… Read More

In Cancun, Can We Talk? Or Not?

In Cancun, it’s hard to always know when we’re talking to or past each other. For one, there are a number of venues where events are taking place; it’s hard to know about all of them, and even… Read More