Buying and Passing Time in Cancun

Inside the exhibit hall at the COP 16 Climate talks, an international delegation of youth start auctioning off time. “Can I interest you in more time?” they ask conference goers making their rounds around the NGO exhibit booths…. Read More

Farming for Our Future

At a recent climate change conference at Wesleyan College, Bill McKibben and James Hansen spoke to a room of nearly 600 concerned citizens about the state of our environment, community organizing, and climate justice. According to Ronnie Cummins,… Read More

Climate Change Talks: Power Down?

It’s hot here in Cancun, the opposite of Copenhagen a year ago, where the world’s governments and civil society met to hammer out an agreement on constraining climate-warming greenhouse gases (GHGs). Most people attending the climate talks appreciate… Read More

Who is Paying Attention?

The Klimaforum was the talk of the town at last year’s climate conference – well publicized, and where climate heroes like Bill McKibben chose to devote most of their time. This year’s non-governmental meeting is an all together… Read More

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Denmark Paves New Ground In Clean Energy

With the increasing awareness that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane have had deleterious effects on the environment, several nations have assiduously worked to find methods of creating energy in clean and efficient ways. Besides being… Read More

Black Carbon and Coincidences

What are the chances? On my flight to Cancun for the climate change talks, I met a member of Senegal’s government delegation. We conversed, mostly in French (my spoken French is pretty broken, but I can understand more… Read More

Yes V Cancun

Bienvenido a Cancun. My partner, Wan Park, and I spent our first night in El Rey de Caribe, an eco-hotel in downtown Cancun,which uses solar heating, recycles grey water and composts its waste. The night clerk and I… Read More

In Cancun: The Conference-Goers and the Vacationers

Cancun is, in some ways, a funny place to have an international conference on climate change. It’s beautiful, yes. It’s quite green (lots of stands of trees—palms, mangroves, and others—are visible as you land at the airport and… Read More