China’s Worst Drought in Sixty Years

“North China faces prolonged drought,” reads today’s headline on the Chinese English language website Xinhua News. Drought has plagued eastern China’s Shandong Province since October – the worst it has experienced in the past six decades. The province,… Read More

World Vegetable Day? And the State of the World

World Vegetable Day? How do you like the ring of that? I do, but for now, it’s an aspiration, not a reality. But in reading over a chapter in the just-released State of the World 2011: Innovations that… Read More

Haiti a Year Later: An Honest Yet Somber Perspective

On January 12th, the world took a moment to reflect on the one-year anniversary of the devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck the island nation of Haiti and killed thousands. It had been over a century since an… Read More

The Ethiopian Vegan Association Launches with Conference and Free Meals

Last month marked the official launching of the Ethiopian Vegan Association, an event held in Addis Ababa and attended by over 60 guests including members of parliament, the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency, local NGOS, and the media. The… Read More

The Truth about Sharks: Take a Bite out of the Myths

When someone queried my five year old self about my favorite animal, I would almost invariably reply, “Shark!” Today, my answer would probably be the same (although, without the accompanying display where I ran around holding my hands… Read More

Barbecue, World Records, Beauty, and Brazil

What is it about the persistent desire to be the biggest or the most (it not the best)? The still holds a huge allure it seems. I recently read about a woman who’s already in the Guinness Book… Read More