Visting Dr. Yu’s Vegan Hut in Beijing

At midday, I arrived at Dr. Yu’s famous Vegan Hut on the second floor in one of the several huge SoHo office/retail complexes that feature in downtown Beijing. I didn’t find Dr. Yu (it was his day off,… Read More

Mega Dairies on the Rise Globally?

The demand for milk in the UK, and around the world, is increasing. Cheaper milk is imported and driving more and more small dairy farm owners out of business. To keep up with higher demands and increase profit… Read More

U.N. Report Finds Huge Potential for “Agroecology” in Developing World

Amidst concerns about rising food prices and food availability on a planet with a population that will reach nine billion by 2050, many people are adamant about the use of industrial farming practices, arguing that they ensure a… Read More

Report Released on East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Training Workshop

The participating women¬†sponsored in the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative gathered in Arusha, Tanzania from December 29-31, 2010 for an Education, Mentorship & Human Rights Workshop.¬† The purpose of the workshop was to analyze the program, the… Read More

It’s International Women’s Day – at 100

It’s International Women’s Day’s 100th anniversary celebration today. It’s a good opportunity to reflect on the sometimes astonishing strides taken by women around the world toward gender equality–and the equally astonishing lack of true equality. The Guardian published… Read More

The Cries of Pigs and Cows

At the end of last year, I wrote about how South Korea had been impacted by foot and mouth disease, which resulted in the culling of hundreds of thousands of cows and pigs. Since then, the situation has… Read More

Record-Setting Droughts in China Could Send Food Prices Even Higher

Both the United Nations and China’s government are sounding the alarm as Shangdong province is facing its worst drought in over sixty years. Shangdong province is of central importance because it is the center of wheat production in… Read More