East African Young Women on Break; Heading Back to School Soon

The ten women participating in the collaborative East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative have been on their midterm Easter break, which lasts three weeks. The Kenyan women will receive some extra teaching during two weeks of the break, and then spend… Read More

Levitating in Shanghai

Flying was more like it, really: we were traveling more than 250 miles an hour on the Shanghai Maglev train. Technically, we were levitating — the train raced not across, but over, the tracks — magnets holding it… Read More

Iowa May Become First State to Outlaw Recording in Animal Facilities

The Iowa Senate Agricultural Committee introduced bill HF589/SF43 last month to the state legislature. The bill aims to outlaw “animal facility interference”. It defines “interference” as any recording (including photography, audio, or video taping) of an animal facility… Read More

China Continues to Strive for Balance Between Development and the Environment

This year, China announced a new, more modest goal of reducing energy intensity by 3.5% per year instead of the previous goal of 4%. Energy intensity refers to energy use per unit of China’s gross domestic product, or… Read More

Is There Such Thing as ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Humane’ Meat on a Global Scale?

Brighter Green’s Executive Director, Mia MacDonald is speaking in China this week to raise awareness about the consequences of rising meat consumption and industrial animal agriculture. The most recent issue of Yes! Magazine shines a spotlight on similar… Read More