Brazilian Deforestation Rates on the Rise; BG Research

In September 2009, then environment minister Carlos Minc declared that Brazil was experiencing the lowest deforestation rates in the Amazon in 21 years. Brazil, having come under increasing pressure from the global community to cut Amazon deforestation, and… Read More

What’s for Dinner? Screens in Korea

What’s For Dinner? screened today at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea, and will be showing again on Monday (23rd), 4 pm local time. If you can’t make it to Seoul for the screening, check out this… Read More

Under the Same Sun: Testing Solar Power in Brooklyn for Kenya

Here at Brighter Green, we are looking into developing a

China Enacts New Efforts to Ensure Food Safety

China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced new measures today to combat food safety scares. In recent years, concern over China’s food safety has mounted, surging in 2008 with the melamine-tainted milk incident. Here, workers from the Sanlu Group milk… Read More

Not Your Parents’ National Geographic

Venerable, a bit staid, with vibrant photos is how I’d describe the National Geographic, the magazine of the U.S. National Geographic Society, I read in my youth. Like many people of my age, my family kept each monthly… Read More