Mexican Drug Cartels Tied to Cattle Ranching in Guatemala

The recent arrest of “The Monkey”, organized crime leader Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, marked a major breakthrough in the Mexican drug war. Mexican officials are optimistic that his arrest will destroy one of Mexico’s most powerful drug… Read More

Global Livestock: Adding up the Numbers

In 2009, nearly 63 billion animals around the world who were bred for meat, milk or eggs, were slaughtered. Populations throughout the world are increasing their consumption of animal products, and the numbers are alarming. In the US… Read More

The Hamster that Roared–and Cows’ Reprieve

The European Union’s highest court ruled that France must do a better job of protecting the highly endangered great hamster of Alsace. The wild hamster’s population, now in the hundreds, down from tens of thousands in past decades,… Read More

China: Animals and the Environment

The 2011 Asia for Animals conference is about to begin in Chengdu, China. It features panels on a range of topics, including one on factory farming. Almost at the same time, China’s Environment Ministry released its 2010 report…. Read More