New Videos: Exploring India’s Expanding Dairy and Beef Industries

In this new two-part video series, Brighter Green examines the challenges and effects of India’s beef and dairy industries. Double-click to view full screen. Part I: Part II:

The Growing Political Presence of Ethanol

The resurgence of ethanol in the biofuels industry in the past few years has caused controversy and intense competition in national and international markets. Ethanol has made a comeback (it was the original source of fuel for Henry… Read More

Ex-Battery Caged Hens given a Second Chance at Life

Americans eat, on average, around 250 eggs per person per year. Factory farmed egg laying hens, also known as battery hens, provide a vast majority of these eggs consumed in the United States. Modern intensive methods of farming… Read More

East Africa’s Ongoing Drought and Changing Climate

This summer, drought has hit East Africa once again. For the past four summers, East Africa has experienced diminished rainfall, with farmers and pastoralists throughout the region struggling to keep their crops and livestock alive. While climate change… Read More