Killing Bad Incentives, and Not

‎”Sustainable intensification” of agriculture is another buzz phrase at the COP 17 climate conference in Durban. No one really has defined what it is. Like “climate-smart agriculture” it could be taken to mean a lot. The glass half… Read More

O Brazil

Each day at the Durban climate conference, Climate Action Network (CAN) awards a “fossil of the day” to a particularly bad actor—a country or a corporation—that’s not apparently interested in addressing climate change seriously, or supporting a strong… Read More

Occupy COP and Climate-Smart Agriculture

Occupy agriculture…and climate change? At Agriculture and Rural Development Day at the COP 17 climate conference in Durban, South Africa, where “climate-smart agriculture,” a new global buzz-term, small farmers, gender, and sustainability have been big themes (along with… Read More

Seasons at COP 17?

Constance Okollet from Uganda, a member of Climate Wise Women, is at COP 17 to testify about the realities of climate change for poor, rural communities. She just described her experience of a drought, followed by floods and… Read More