Forests: Who’s Driving?

Drivers of deforestation: they’re on the formal agenda at the climate talks here in Bonn. Strange indeed that a global framework to reduce deforestation and forest degradation—REDD+—has been agreed through the UNFCCC, but without thoroughly defining or addressing… Read More

In the Room, with Pauses

I asked, and at least a few of them answered. “The U.S. is interested in livestock,” the lead U.S. agriculture negotiator at the climate talks in Bonn said in an exchange of views between civil society groups and… Read More

Working a Bit on Agriculture in Bonn

Should a “work program” on agriculture be launched by the scientific and technical body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)? Governments’ perspectives on agriculture were shared vocally during a morning session at the UN… Read More

The Judges Have Chosen a Winner: Eat Ethically (If You Can.)

The New York Times’ ethicist, Ariel Kaminer, has announced the results of her Ethical Meat-Eating Contest. Turns out eating meat is ethical when it’s ethical (More about the winner below). Fortunately, Ms. Kaminer addressed some of the criticism… Read More