“Meat Week” Brings Agriculture to the Forefront

This week is “Meat Week” on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program. They have a short interview each day that focuses on some aspect of meat (from analyzing the paleo diet to looking at the environmental effects of… Read More

Plate to Planet: Rio+20

It’s hard to know what’s on the menu at the Earth Summit (Rio+20) in terms of people’s plates, but food and agriculture, and their critical intersection with global sustainability and equity, are being discussed in interesting and potentially… Read More

No and Yes?: “Sustainable” Food and Agriculture at Rio+20 (and Before)

“No” is the declarative answer two staff members of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization gave when asked at the Bonn climate change talks if “sustainable intensification” of livestock meant, for example, turning pastoralists into feedlot operators. That… Read More

Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Webpage Updated!

The webpage for the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative has been updated! The new page includes summaries of leadership and rights training workshops, recent photos, and updated and more detailed biographies of each young woman. Since the… Read More

Dairy Farms Responsible for City Smog

A recent U.S. study shows that California industrial dairy farms are responsible for smog in the city of Los Angeles just as much as automobiles’with possibly even greater contributions. This news is one more addition to the long… Read More

Throw it in the Rubbish

Tetra Pak is the dominant brand in the global food packaging industry. Flip over any of your organic soup or fresh juice cartons, and chances are you may see Tetra Pak’s tiny logo across the bottom. A self-proclaimed… Read More