Chickpeas: The Future of Farming?

After spending much time reading and researching the intensification of factory farming as part of my work with Brighter Green, it is refreshing and heartening to see articles about growth in more sustainable areas of agriculture. A recent… Read More

China’s Loss of the Traditional Dairy Farmer

With China’s growing wealth and demand for western diets, the Chinese government is posed to dramatically increase agricultural production, with goals of becoming more agriculturally self-sufficient. A laudable aim- but it’s questionable if their strategy is undermining the… Read More

Increasing Poultry Consumption Spawning Trade Connections between Africa and India

Despite my research on emerging nations India, China, Ethiopia, and Brazil as part of Brighter Green’s Food Policy and Equity Program, it’s not often that I think about their trade connections. I usually view meat and dairy intensification… Read More