Ethanol Contributes to Food Price Spikes – But So Does Meat

The United States’ ethanol policy has been identified as a major contributor to the global spike in food prices in recent years, accounting for 20 to 40 percentĀ of the price surges in 2008. The issue isn’t simply our… Read More

Rooftops: the New Agricultural Commodity

Amid growing concerns about food security and food safety, residents of Hong Kong have taken urban farming to a new level: their rooftops. The main motivation for this new endeavor is, according to a recent New York Times… Read More

It’s World Food Day

Note: this blog was published originally on for World Food Day. Food Day is October 24, 2012. It was an astounding sight: a huge image of a beaming Colonel Sanders. The jacaranda tree in front of the… Read More

The Texting Dairy Cow

The latest advancement in animal agriculture: offering cows the ability to send text messages to farmers when they are, uh, feeling amorous. A newly developed sensor-activated device, being used by some Swiss dairy producers, is implanted into the… Read More

Summer Update: East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative

Here’s what’s been happening in Kenya and Tanzania with the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative over the last few months. Daniel Salau, the program coordinator, and Julie Ojiambo, a Brighter Green intern who traveled to Kenya in… Read More