Updates from COP 18, the Climate Conference in Doha

Brighter Green is attending COP 18 in Doha, Qatar. Here is some of the latest news from the conference: Xie Zheng—Chinese musician, activist, and environmentalist—featured in Brighter Green’s documentary What’s for Dinner? traveled from Beijing to Doha to… Read More

Conditioned Response

We’ve been feeling the heat here in Doha at the COP18 climate conference—at least when we go outside the enormous conference center. Inside, it’s pretty cool due to the air conditioning. Another interesting irony of being at a… Read More

Doha: The Unlikeliest Climate Change Conference City in the World?

Qatar has one of the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, which is why some eyebrows were raised when the U.N. COP 18 climate conference was slated to take place in Doha, Qatar. Now that I’m… Read More

Climate Action Network’s Minute

I’m attending the United Nations Climate Change conference in Doha, Qatar, known as COP 18. The Climate Action Network International, which Brighter Green has just joined, had one minute to offer a perspective to the opening session at… Read More

China’s Meat-y Present…and the Global Future?

In the last two decades China has been transformed from a predominantly vegetarian society to a society that is responsible for consumption of one-fourth of the world’s meat supply. This transformation is the result of several factors, including… Read More

Author/Attorney Jim Mason on Multiple Downsides of Factory Farming

Brighter Green just released a video featuring an interview with Jim Mason, author, attorney, long-time activist, and a member of the Brighter Green advisory board . Mason discusses the detrimental effects of factory farming on the environment, animals,… Read More