Eve Feng



After graduating from Bournemouth University in the U.K. with a Master’s degree in Film and Broadcast Management, Eve Feng became a professional camerawoman and producer for environmental and animal welfare-related television programs. Her enthusiasm for preserving the environment led her to become more involved in the issues and to explore how best to communicate them. She made a natural transition to media and communications consultant for a number of international organizations, businesses, and conferences. These include the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Suerte International, PETA, the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, and the "Forks Over Knives" documentary production team, among others. Eve worked on various media events at United Nations Climate Change Summits in 2009 (COP 15) and 2011 (COP 17), including with Brighter Green, with a particular focus on the impacts the livestock industry has on global warming and sustainable development. Eve’s passion is creating awareness about the urgency of climate change as well as bringing together businesses, organizations, and grassroots groups and individuals from different backgrounds to work on issues of environmental protection, ethics, and equity. Eve splits her time between her home country, China, and the U.K.

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