Congo Gorillas: Possibly in Firing Line

Sad news from Central Africa, for its wildlife and people. Civil strife has broken out again in Congo, even though the civil war has formally ended and mostly free and fair elections were held earlier this year. Rebels… Read More

Making the Links: NY Times Coverage

Recently, the New York Times published two important editorials (the unsigned pieces that members of the editorial board write). The first expressed dismay about the lack of real change in the current farm bill draft voted out of… Read More

The Bags Among Us

We see them everywhere, are offered them everywhere (sometimes double-bagged), but until now I didn’t know the true scale of the plastic bag plague: according to National Geographic, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, of which… Read More

Mangroves I’ve Known

Many years ago, I spent time in the south of India documenting the work of a local activist trying to protect and restore mangroves. She worked by mobilizing communities’small-scale fishermen (and the women who take the fish to… Read More

Just Warming

In getting ready to watch some of the Live Earth events, I began to wonder: will the global concert series make clear that even though, as I’ve heard organizers say, “everyone” will be affected by climate change, some… Read More

Brighter Green Produces First Publication

Brighter Green, in league with Farm Sanctuary, has produced a white paper (PDF), analyzing the U.S. Farm Bill. Brighter Green wanted to approach the paper from a holistic perspective: in other words, one that examined the issues of… Read More