Junk Food Marketing Makes Big Moves in Developing Countries

By Judy Bankman and Ross Miranti This blog originally appeared on the Civil Eats website. KFC TV commercials that have aired in China over the last few years reveal a remarkably wide range of marketing techniques. In the… Read More

East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Update: Summer Internships and Higher Education

The summer months have proved to be busy and exciting for the Kenyan students in the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative. Joyce Kakenya Barta has been interning at Lake Elementaita Seasons Hotels and Lodges as a part… Read More

Thinking of Food on World Population Day

Today is World Population Day, an appropriate day to reflect upon the sustainability of our growing world population. While this year’s theme, “Adolescent Pregnancy,” addresses an important issue, Brighter Green is also interested in the consumption habits of… Read More

Maui: Sustainable Living in Paradise

Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, is known for its beautiful beaches and amazing weather. It’s no wonder it is a huge tourist destination. But Maui is more than just a beautiful tourist destination, it is, in many… Read More

Kenya’s Move Towards Solar Energy (Part II)

Why Kenya is Prime for Solar Energy Kenya lies conveniently on the equator, and as a result receives direct solar energy throughout the year. The use of solar energy is a relatively new concept in Kenya and many… Read More

Preventing a Livestock Revolution in Liberia: the Need for a New International Vision

In Liberia, the FAO has been involved in a number of poultry projects for both broilers and laying hens. It has constructed three factory farm style operations in the interior of the country to train locals in “modern… Read More

Livestock Intensification as a Misguided Response to Liberia’s Food Woes

Like much of Sub-Saharan Africa, Liberia struggles with malnutrition and food insecurity. While finding solutions to these problems is a major developmental goal for the country, unfortunately, the government and its international partners’ response has included a strong… Read More

It’s World Environment Day

This blog was originally published on the Huffington Post’s Green section, titled “What’s the Connection to China’s and the U.S.’ Pigs and the Smithfield-Shuanghui Deal?“. It’s World Environment Day and this year’s focus is on reducing food waste and getting people… Read More

Meat and Development in Liberia

Ross Miranti is a guest blogger for Brighter Green. Meat consumption correlates with income; poorer individuals and countries tend to consume less than their wealthier counterparts. This applies to Liberia, one of the poorest nations in the world,… Read More

Solution to China’s Pollution is on Its Plate

Given the planned purchase of U.S.-based Smithfield, the world’s largest producer of pork, by China-based agribusiness Shuanghui, an exploration of the ecological impacts of China’s fast-expanding meat production and consumption is in order. More Than Just Cars and… Read More