Olympics “No Meat” Athletes and China’s Food Safety

The 2012 London Olympic Games staged a spectacular farewell to the world on August 12. Looking back, amongst all the medal winners, it’s not difficult to spot two vegetarians. One is Lizzie Armitstead who chose to give up… Read More

London Olympics Setting New “Green” Standard

The London 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing. Although there has been some controversy over security and NBC’s coverage of events, the games go on, exciting fans around the world. Brighter Green was curious how these Olympic… Read More

Chickpeas: The Future of Farming?

After spending much time reading and researching the intensification of factory farming as part of my work with Brighter Green, it is refreshing and heartening to see articles about growth in more sustainable areas of agriculture. A recent… Read More

“Meat Week” Brings Agriculture to the Forefront

This week is “Meat Week” on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program. They have a short interview each day that focuses on some aspect of meat (from analyzing the paleo diet to looking at the environmental effects of… Read More

Plate to Planet: Rio+20

It’s hard to know what’s on the menu at the Earth Summit (Rio+20) in terms of people’s plates, but food and agriculture, and their critical intersection with global sustainability and equity, are being discussed in interesting and potentially… Read More

No and Yes?: “Sustainable” Food and Agriculture at Rio+20 (and Before)

“No” is the declarative answer two staff members of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization gave when asked at the Bonn climate change talks if “sustainable intensification” of livestock meant, for example, turning pastoralists into feedlot operators. That… Read More

Forests: Who’s Driving?

Drivers of deforestation: they’re on the formal agenda at the climate talks here in Bonn. Strange indeed that a global framework to reduce deforestation and forest degradation—REDD+—has been agreed through the UNFCCC, but without thoroughly defining or addressing… Read More

In the Room, with Pauses

I asked, and at least a few of them answered. “The U.S. is interested in livestock,” the lead U.S. agriculture negotiator at the climate talks in Bonn said in an exchange of views between civil society groups and… Read More

Working a Bit on Agriculture in Bonn

Should a “work program” on agriculture be launched by the scientific and technical body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)? Governments’ perspectives on agriculture were shared vocally during a morning session at the UN… Read More

USAID Wants “More Beef” to Feed Growing Population

An estimated 7 billion people are living on this planet, and that number is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. In any situation in which sharing is involved, issues of equity and distribution arise. USAID recently released… Read More