The Unanswered Question?

At a packed side event on China and low-carbon development featuring one of China’s lead negotiators at the Durban climate talks, Brighter Green got to ask a question: what about the expanding livestock sector in China and rising… Read More

Children and the COP Climate Summit

Children at the climate talks? Ban Ki-moon talked the other night about a boy he met in Tuvalu who told Ban he can’t sleep at night because he’s so worried about floods from rising seas, the result of… Read More

Winding Down (the Climate?) at the Durban Conference

Seen at the climate conference in its waning days: lots of young people from all over the world wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “I [heart] KP,” as in the Kyoto Protocol. News comes this a.m… however, that the KP… Read More

Arriving and Greening

Martin Khor of the Third World Network spoke last night about China and consumption. Through the Web, the Chinese, he said, have plenty of access to representations of the American dream. He listed a few: three cars in… Read More

Courage and Hesitation in Durban

Ban Ki-moon speaking at the UN climate summit a few minutes ago: Let us make Durban a “profile in courage.” Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president followed him (yes, the bold face name leaders have arrived), reminding the delegates… Read More

COP 17 Cuisine: Climate-Friendly and Not

You’d think…that with food and agriculture and their links to global warming getting increased attention from climate change researchers and negotiators, including here at COP, that what’s served would be more climate-friendly. You’d think that would be the… Read More

O Brazil

Each day at the Durban climate conference, Climate Action Network (CAN) awards a “fossil of the day” to a particularly bad actor—a country or a corporation—that’s not apparently interested in addressing climate change seriously, or supporting a strong… Read More

Occupy COP and Climate-Smart Agriculture

Occupy agriculture…and climate change? At Agriculture and Rural Development Day at the COP 17 climate conference in Durban, South Africa, where “climate-smart agriculture,” a new global buzz-term, small farmers, gender, and sustainability have been big themes (along with… Read More

Seasons at COP 17?

Constance Okollet from Uganda, a member of Climate Wise Women, is at COP 17 to testify about the realities of climate change for poor, rural communities. She just described her experience of a drought, followed by floods and… Read More

New Slideshow for Young Women’s Leadership Initiative

Brighter Green’s Mia MacDonald recently traveled to Kenya. While there, she visited the Kenyan young women participating in the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative in the boarding schools they attend, in and around the small city of Ngong… Read More