African Leaders Unify Position Ahead of Copenhagen Climate Talks

African leaders met this past week in Addis Ababa in preparation for the Copenhagen climate talks in December. Delegates from Algeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria and Uganda met at the African Union (AU) headquarters to agree… Read More

India: A View from the South, and Further North

Brighter Green Associate Sangamithra Iyer writes from India, where she is investigating the intensification of the livestock sector (as well as visiting family) this summer. She’ll be uploading more blogs and photos in the next week or so,… Read More

Indigenous Communities: Changing Climates, Changing Lives

An image of a young woman and child bathing in a pristine Amazonian lake grabbed my attention last Friday – part of a New York Times piece on the Kamayura tribe, and the challenges they’re facing in our… Read More


From mere idea to more likely reality: a huge solar power project in North Africa, funded by European investors, to provide electricity to much of Europe and perhaps to much of North Africa as well. The many billion… Read More

Indian Youth Prepare to “Be the Change”

A week-long climate change camp kicks off this Saturday in New Delhi with the goal of empowering the next generation of South Asian climate activists. Organized by the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN), Badlaav 09: Be the Change… Read More

Beef – the Wrong Bus

In the town of Dunnae, in South Korea’s eastern province of Gangwon-do, pictures of cows are everywhere. They’ve been staring at me from billboards along the highway, featured on the cover of promotional brochures, and even haunting this… Read More

Fruit for Thought

I am writing from a small organic blackberry farm in the foothills of the Taebak Mountains in the eastern Province of Gangwan-Do in South Korea, where I have spent the past week picking and enjoying–with purple stained fingertips… Read More

It’s Earth Day, Look North

More than 400 representatives of the world’s indigenous peoples are meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, to share their experiences of climate change and their knowledge of ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming’s myriad impacts. They’ll also be… Read More

Madagascar 2 and 2.0

Madagascar, the island nation off the east coast of Africa, is convulsing. Two political rivals, the former mayor of the capital, and the current president, are struggling for power. The former mayor accuses the president of being an… Read More

Friday Night Climate

Who knew that global warming, gender, and population could be cool (pun semi-intended)? Last Friday night, Brighter Green co-sponsored a panel discussion on these very topics. Sure, the speakers, June Zeitlin, formerly of the Women’s Environment and Development… Read More