East Africa: Young Women’s Program Update and Maasai Human Rights (Part I)

Kenyan and Tanzanian Young Women’s Progress The end of 2012 marked huge accomplishments and milestones for the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative. All five Kenyan young women, Ann, Hellen, Joyce, Sabina, and Elizabeth, sat for the Kenya… Read More

The East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Fundraiser

The East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative fundraiser on December 6th was a success.  We have almost reached our goal of $3,000, enough money to support the education, living costs, rights training, mentoring, and leadership skill workshops for… Read More

It’s World Food Day

Note: this blog was published originally on FoodDay.org for World Food Day. Food Day is October 24, 2012. It was an astounding sight: a huge image of a beaming Colonel Sanders. The jacaranda tree in front of the… Read More

Summer Update: East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative

Here’s what’s been happening in Kenya and Tanzania with the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative over the last few months. Daniel Salau, the program coordinator, and Julie Ojiambo, a Brighter Green intern who traveled to Kenya in… Read More

Eating Up the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest spans nine different countries across South America, and plays an essential role in the biosphere. It captures global-warming-inducing carbon dioxide, and also produces oxygen necessary for life. Although deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has decreased… Read More

China’s Loss of the Traditional Dairy Farmer

With China’s growing wealth and demand for western diets, the Chinese government is posed to dramatically increase agricultural production, with goals of becoming more agriculturally self-sufficient. A laudable aim- but it’s questionable if their strategy is undermining the… Read More

Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Webpage Updated!

The webpage for the East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative has been updated! The new page includes summaries of leadership and rights training workshops, recent photos, and updated and more detailed biographies of each young woman. Since the… Read More

Dairy Farms Responsible for City Smog

A recent U.S. study shows that California industrial dairy farms are responsible for smog in the city of Los Angeles just as much as automobiles’with possibly even greater contributions. This news is one more addition to the long… Read More

Throw it in the Rubbish

Tetra Pak is the dominant brand in the global food packaging industry. Flip over any of your organic soup or fresh juice cartons, and chances are you may see Tetra Pak’s tiny logo across the bottom. A self-proclaimed… Read More

Forests: Who’s Driving?

Drivers of deforestation: they’re on the formal agenda at the climate talks here in Bonn. Strange indeed that a global framework to reduce deforestation and forest degradation—REDD+—has been agreed through the UNFCCC, but without thoroughly defining or addressing… Read More