Oprah on Animals and Food

Wow: the conventional wisdom is that any topic Oprah Winfrey’s multi-media empire is covering has made it to the big time: to a huge number of American living rooms, waiting rooms, and other rooms, and to millions more… Read More

Two Views from Kenya

Not long after Brighter Green’s paper on China and factory farming was completed, I was in Kenya, from which I offer this news and view. Kenya does have some intensive poultry facilities, mostly to supply the growing number… Read More

Taking the Climate (and Forests) to Lunch

Forests are getting more attention in the global discussion of climate change, and how to address it. They should. Intact tropical forests are, despite decades of campaigning on their behalf, still being cleared at alarming rates in the… Read More

Istanbul, Not Constantinople

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk writes eloquently (as only he can) about the “huzun” or melancholy that afflicts the city in which he’s lived just about all of his life, Istanbul. I’m just recently back from there and while… Read More

Meat Heat

So far September’s been a pretty good month for shedding some light on the connections between meat and global warming. First, Brighter Green’s policy paper on China and factory farming has gotten a good reception. Fall forward. More… Read More

Skillful Means: A New Report from Brighter Green

New York-based policy action tank Brighter Green’s new report, Skillful Means: The Challenges of China’s Encounter with Factory Farming (PDF) explores the emerging superpower’s “livestock revolution,” which is having serious impacts on public health, food security, and equity… Read More

Something’s, Well, Fishy

Sometimes people say the strangest things…the International Whaling Commission meeting yesterday rejected Greenland’s request to hunt 10 humpback whales. The IWC judged the hunt not essential for Greenland’s indigenous population and too commercial to qualify as subsistence whaling…. Read More

Food Matters…Again

In Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has convened a summit to deal with the world’s growing food crisis, which threatens — through high prices and flagging production — to push another 100 million people into the… Read More

Good Grazing

Last night I watched a Web video of a talk New York Times food writer Mark Bittman gave at a TED conference last December called “What’s Wrong With What We Eat.” Bittman, a wry and clear writer is,… Read More

Old King Corn

Documentary film King Corn tells the story of two college friends who, in a post-graduate quest narrative, set out to understand America’s food system, particularly the centrality to it of corn. They lease an acre of land in… Read More