Meat prices continue to rise

The United States Department of Agriculture reports that food prices will continue to rise in 2013. Factors that led to this price increase are multifaceted and complex, with the 2012 United States drought and mass cattle culling, other… Read More

Meat and the Avian Flu

China’s latest avian flu outbreak, H7N9, has led to at least 126 infections and 24 deaths, with one confirmed case crossing national borders to Taiwan. The World Health Organization has stated this flu strain is a “serious threat”… Read More

Updates on the Avian Flu, and Will It Foster Changes in China’s Animal Farming System?

It has been a month since the first case of the human-infected influenza A (H7N9) was reported. By May 1st, the virus had been diagnosed in 128 people and has killed 27 people since March. Recently, a booklet… Read More

Rethinking Agriculture: National Climate Assessment Provides (Another) Reason

[Note: this blog was published originally on the Huffington Post.] It’s Earth Week, a good time to celebrate the natural environment and also examine some of the ways we use — and abuse — Earth’s resources and climate…. Read More

Healthful Fast Food: A Gateway to Sustainable Food Habits?

Adopting a meat-free diet has positive implications on the environment. We’ve seen how the increased consumption of meat around the world increases greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and is a major factor in climate change. But is adopting a… Read More

When Anti-Waste Becomes A Movement in China

During an interview with Legal Weekly, Mr. Xu Zhijun, the initiator of the food waste campaign “Operation Empty Plate”, said he did not want the operation to become a movement. While the campaign received endorsement from Mr. Xi… Read More

More Meat, More Dairy, More Egg–More Antibiotics

By 2050, global meat and dairy consumption are projected to double and quadruple, with most growth seen in the emerging markets of developing nations. This unprecedented rise in animal agriculture will also bring an unprecedented rise in the… Read More

Antibiotics in Pig Farming: How We Poisoned Ourselves

On March 15, 2011, World Consumer Rights Day, the clenbuterol pork scandal was exposed in China and shocked meat-lovers with this health-threatening “lean meat powder” used to make animals grow muscle rather than fat. But in addition to… Read More

Biogas brings benefits – but also questions

Animal farms of all sizes are beginning to use biogas technology to create a form of non-fossil fuel energy. The use is controversial at the size of large-scale factory farms, where opponents argue that the technology perpetuates the… Read More

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit Overlooks Animal Agriculture

The annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), organized by The Energy and Resources Institute, provides an international platform for global leaders, Heads of States, policy makers, and academia to engage in dialogue on matters related to sustainable development… Read More