East Africa: Young Women’s Program Update and Maasai Human Rights (Part II)

Climate Change and the Effect on the Maasai Community’s Human Rights Brighter Green’s East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative, provides nine Maasai young women from Kenya and Tanzania with leadership, rights training, and educational opportunities so they can attend… Read More

Shrimp Factory Farms in India

India, now second in global seafood production, plans to double its marine exports within the next two years thanks to the introduction of an Aquaculture Quarantine Facility in the Northeastern city of Chennai. Aquaculture Quarantine Facility, AQF for… Read More

India’s Vegetarian Crossroad

India: a vegetarian’s mecca. This seems to be the stereotypical image envisioned when thinking of this culturally Hindu society. But are globalization, a growing middle class, and the urge to emulate western ways eroding this traditionally ethical lifestyle?… Read More

China Video Updated with Chinese Narration and English Subtitles

Thanks to Brighter Green associate Eve Feng, we have been able to translate the English narration of the video “China’s Meat Consumption” into Chinese. We hope to be able to distribute the short video to wider audiences in… Read More

The East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative Fundraiser

The East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative fundraiser on December 6th was a success.  We have almost reached our goal of $3,000, enough money to support the education, living costs, rights training, mentoring, and leadership skill workshops for… Read More

Xie Zheng Posts a Video of His Talk at the COP 18 Side Event with Brighter Green

Xie Zheng, or “Shay,” as he is known familiarly, is a Chinese activist, musician and environmentalist who was featured in Brighter Green’s short documentary,What’s For Dinner? recently attended COP 18 in Doha. He recently posted a video of… Read More

The Global Climate Crisis & Animal Agriculture: Doha and Beyond

[Note: this blog was published originally on the Huffington Post.] Delegates from the world’s governments, and a range of scientists, advisers, and advocates have gathered in Doha, Qatar for the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties… Read More

Ethanol Contributes to Food Price Spikes – But So Does Meat

The United States’ ethanol policy has been identified as a major contributor to the global spike in food prices in recent years, accounting for 20 to 40 percent of the price surges in 2008. The issue isn’t simply our… Read More

Rooftops: the New Agricultural Commodity

Amid growing concerns about food security and food safety, residents of Hong Kong have taken urban farming to a new level: their rooftops. The main motivation for this new endeavor is, according to a recent New York Times… Read More

It’s World Food Day

Note: this blog was published originally on FoodDay.org for World Food Day. Food Day is October 24, 2012. It was an astounding sight: a huge image of a beaming Colonel Sanders. The jacaranda tree in front of the… Read More